To save 5 tons of plastic per annum, Barista introduces the first ever compostable Sugarcane coffee lid in Sri Lanka

Barista believes that every small effort counts in the global fight against plastic waste. That’s why Barista has chosen to utilize sugarcane as the primary material for the Barista coffee lid. Sugar cane is a renewable resource that requires minimal water and energy to grow, making it an ideal choice for sustainable production. By using this natural biodegradable and compostable material, not only does it benefit in creating rich fertilizer but also supports to reduce Barista’s reliance on non-disposable waste and help protect Barista precious ecosystems.

Barista has long been dedicated to helping protect the planet, where they focus on reducing their impact and adopted their mission statement, “As the largest café chain in Sri Lanka, to ensure that they create and deliver the best value to all Barista stakeholders while being responsible for safeguarding the interests of the environment and the community”. Barista offered their customers biodegradable takeaway bags, stocked glass water bottles instead of plastic bottles and added more tumblers, introduced paper straws, improved recyclable cups, and today they are reaching even higher. Barista has worked to reduce the plastic usage and are committed to cutting Barista’s non disposable waste to 90% by 2025.

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