We are beyond proud and honored to announce that we’ve created history again as the pioneers of the coffee industry!

Exactly 6 months ago we launched Sri Lanka’s first ever Barista Training Program together with the Vocational Training Authority to give the right recognition to the youngsters who are interested in becoming a Barista by creating the professional background and valued acceptance.

For the first batch we received over 400 applications and after many rounds of selections we carefully selected 18 students for this program. Today 12 proud Baristas are graduating with the proud title of being one of the first ever nationally recognized and certified Baristas in our country. They are ready to take over the world of brewing internationally.

We are so proud of each and everyone of them as everyone worked so hard through out these months putting their hearts and souls to tune in to their best version of Baristas.

They are unique. They are skilled professionals. They are all rounders and they are game changers. We wish them all the success and today we can proudly say even amidst the worst crisis we’ve managed to fight for the next generation and we will continue to do so.

Stay tuned to here what’s brewing on the other side with the 2nd batch which has doubled the number of students with 24 who’s turning a new page in life to become a professional Barista

We are very thankful to each and everyone who supported this project and who believed in the big picture and long term vision! We made it!

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