We are happy to inform you all that we were finally able to plant the trees which you all donated to support the reforestation project in Sri Lanka together with Breathe Environment and Sustainability by planting these plants in the knuckles mountain range.

As a cafe we take pride in the natural assets we have in our country and as the largest cafe chain it’s our responsibility to set an example and to leave the bar high ensuring we’ve done our part to support and protect the next generations to come. We were super touched to see how all our customers came together, grabbed coupons and supported us to bring this project in to life and this was amidst a tough period of time and that’s what makes it even more beautiful and real.

It wasn’t easy with the given situation to make this happen but we are so glad that nothing could stop us. Now as these trees grow we all can proudly say that it was planted by us as you are the reason why this project successfully ended. We thank you and respect you for your genuine concern about the environment and the future generations to come.

Here’s to breathing without a guilt

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